Gears of War 4's October Update Detailed

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Gears of War 4 celebrated its first birthday on October 11th. With the game's one year plan of adding two maps every month, this means the October 2017 update is the last time we'll see more maps. In addition to the map drop, The Coalition has detailed what's up next for Gears, including a Halloween event, the replacement of the developer playlist and more.

Neither of the October maps are new. First up is a new version of Gears of War's Fuel Depot. There is also Lift Apex, a rendition of Lift, which The Coalition says "builds upon the spirit of the original by re-imagining the design of the map without the mechanics of a moving lift and expanding territory."

The maps will go live in the developer playlist on Monday, October 23rd. With this being the last map, it also marks the last occasion for season pass members and their friends to reap the benefits of the Developer Playlist, which offers double experience and 20% bonus credits. As a replacement, The Coalition will be implementing a new owned map bonus that will "offer a permanent percentage increase in XP and Credit gain for any maps you own whenever you play on them in Public Versus or Horde." They've already answered the question of, "What about launch maps?" and said that all players will earn bonus XP and credits on the 10 launch maps. Season pass holders will get the bonus across the full run of 34 maps.

The Coalition has also outlined a schedule of the events Gears players can expect in the coming months:

Gears of War 4: October Update

A Halloween event is planned to start on Friday, October 27th. A "huge anniversary event" is planned for the 11th anniversary of Gears of War on November 6th. A "Thanksgibbing" event will start for Thanksgiving on November 20th. After that, it's onto Gearsmas in December with more promised to be announced.

The team has also made optimizations to the amount of space Gears of War 4 takes up on hard drives. While players will have to download a large update, the installed size will be smaller than prior to the update. Players will also need to install the Xbox One Fall Update in order to play the October Gears update. It has probably already installed itself if you've been on recently, but if it didn't, head into Settings and then Updates to force the update.

Those picking up an Xbox One X can also pre-download the enhanced 4k content to transfer when the X launches:

Planning on picking up an Xbox One X? You can pre-download our Xbox One X Enhanced content before you own your console by going to System -> Download 4K Game Content. Once this Update releases, you’ll be able to manually download the content for easy transfer (via external HDD or local network) once your console joins your Xbox family.
Gears of War 4's October update goes live on October 23rd, which is when Fuel Depot and Lift Apex will be available to season pass members in the Developer Playlist. Expect them in the public rotation on October 30th.

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