Konami Reveals Details About Metal Gear Survive

By Andy Mills,
Konami's first post-Hideo Kojima Metal Gear title will be with us sooner rather than later, with the Japanese publisher announcing the release date for the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain spin-off Metal Gear Survive. Not only that, but they've also released plenty more about the game, including some new screenshots, so we'll take a look at those first.

Metal Gear Survive banner

In addition, Konami has also announced the pre-order bonuses for the game: four golden weapons (Bat, Sledgehammer, Spear and Machete), four metallic scarves in varying colours, two gestures (Thumbs Up and Happy), a Mother Base nameplate, Kabuki face paint and BOXMAN (THE ORANGE) accessory, a rather obvious nod to The Orange Box. Helpfully, Konami also provided a look at what these all look like as well, so check them out below.

Metal Gear Survive beauty shot

Finally, there's that all important release date. Metal Gear Survive will launch on February 20th in North America, and February 22nd in Europe.

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Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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