Final Fantasy XIII: Battle Details

By NightStalkar, 9 years ago
"Although today’s news confirms what many have already speculated, it is still very intriguing! Tetsuya Nomura recently sat down with Dengeki Magazine to chat it up about Final Fantasy XIII’s battle system. The game appears to have a lot of strategy, with players having to choose their actions wisely, even within a single turn.

Players can use the characters and chain attacks together, however you can also interrupt that chain at any time during the execution of said chain and add a new attack and/or move to it. More powerful attacks, such as high level Magic - example: Firaga, will cost an entire turn whereas weaker attacks or low level Magic can be used in chains/multiple attacks at a single time.

With the style of Advent Children, the quickness of Final Fantasy X-2, and the strategy of the Playstation Era battle systems, Final Fantasy XIII might just have the best yet! What are your thoughts?"