Alpha Ring Xbox Insiders Can Now Remove 0 Gamerscore Games from Their Profiles

By Mark Delaney, 1 year ago
Seemingly every time a new Xbox Insider update arrived, it invited more people on TA and across the web to remind Xbox that we wanted a way to remove 0 gamerscore games from our profiles. The feature was present and appreciated on Xbox 360 but wasn't available on Xbox One — until now.

Starting today, Xbox Insiders in the Alpha ring can be the first to remove those pesky games that sit on their Gamertags as "started" but not much else. If your gaming history as it appears on your Xbox profile is important to you, as it clearly is to so many, jump on Xbox now and do some housecleaning if you're among the Alpha ring Insiders. To use the feature, you simply highlight a game in your list of games played on the Xbox One dashboard and press "Hide" — it's really that easy, as demonstrated in the screenshot below by DaveKinetic.

xbox dash

What's especially cool about this new feature is that it was developed by a team featuring new Microsoft employee and former TA Newshound, Mr BlackMagik. If you see him around the site, be sure to thank him!

The feature will roll out to other phases of the Insider program in time before it goes wide to the entire Xbox One community. Along with game gifting, the Xbox One has taken two highly requested features off of the community's wishlist.

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Credit for this story goes to Dresden N7
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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