Flynn: Son of Crimson Successfully Kickstarted

By Kevin Tavore,
Flynn: Son of Crimson is the latest indie action platformer to be successfully Kickstarted and it's to the tune of about US$65,000. The project has been in the works by the small team at Studio Thunderhorse for about a year and they're confident this will be just what they need to get the game out the door. Featuring a lovely art style and some ambitious gameplay goals, Flynn has quite a bit of potential.


The developer calls it a "2D action adventure platformer with metroidvania elements." If you've been following ID@Xbox releases, you can be forgiven for groaning while reading that. Luckily, the developer has released more details on what to expect:

  • Explore a wondrous world filled with discovery, taking place in unique regions designed with non-linear exploration.
  • Swap between multiple weapons with quick and satisfying combat.
  • Dive in to a land with ancient mysteries and rich story.
  • Travel across the lands, discovering new ways to roam and opening new paths using the power of crimson.
  • Dip in and out of an alternate dimension to make unique alterations to the real world.
  • View a realm full of life, carefully formed with hand-crafted pixel art.
  • Trade trinkets for new combat techniques and runes with an old war veteran.
  • Call on your companion Dex in times of need, a mystical and loyal creature.
  • Test your strength in the feared Rustwood coliseum among other challenging feats.
If you're interested in the gameplay and are wondering whether this developer has their heads in the right place, they've revealed their gameplay philosophy on the Kickstarter:

From the very first stages of development, we began designing Flynn: Son of Crimson with fast paced, satisfying combat. We’re strong believers that ‘game feel’ should be priority in any video game so we've been injecting as much juice as we can to make sure every hit packs a punch and feels extra tasty.
Added depth will come in the form of quick weapon switching, which will allow you to quickly change your attacks to suit the combat situation and your personal playstyle. There are three melee weapons: sword, great axe and claw. There's also a bow and arrow if ranged combat suits you better, but don't take their words for it. You can test out the game yourself by downloading the PC demo available on the developer's website.

You can check out what's coming in the Kickstarter trailer below:

Flynn: Son of Crimson is coming to Xbox One.

We've got the full list of Flynn: Son of Crimson achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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Written by Kevin Tavore
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