Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha Update

By Dave Bricker, 1 year ago
Rare released details for their upcoming technical Alpha update for Sea of Thieves. The update comes with several tweaks and new features.

The first update detailed is nonverbal communication. For those who cannot, or are unwilling, to talk (reasons included in the video include gingivitis), text phrases are now available.

Included in this update as well is The Brig. For those pirates who refuse to follow the pirate code, crewmates can vote to ban them to the brig. You can still talk to your crew while in the brig, but you need a unanimous vote from your crew to get out. Speaking of crew votes, if you enter a battle where all seems to be lost, your crew can vote to scuttle the ship, but not everything is lost — you can try to summon a mermaid to move the ship to a safer location.

For those who don’t play well with others, you can choose to captain a smaller ship all by yourself. The wheel needs fewer turns, the capstan is easier to raise, and the sail makes it easier to see ahead. The ship has only two cannons but makes up for firepower with agility. You can always run away, run away, run away....

Gamescom 2017

Sea Of Thieves should be available sometime in early 2018.

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Dave Bricker
Written by Dave Bricker
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