[UPDATE] Gameloft Discontinues Windows Phone Support for Two Titles

By Rebecca Smith,
Edit: Shadow Kisuragi has kindly informed us that Xbox Live support has been removed from a third Gameloft title: Dragon Mania Legends (WP). Unfortunately this means that all achievements in this title are now discontinued as it requires connection to Xbox Live to unlock them. The connection was removed with the October 27th update and if it's anything like previous titles, this option won't be returning.

Original story:

Recently, Modern Combat 5: Blackout received update XVIII on Windows Phone and Windows 8. The update introduced a new class, the Kommander, at an in-game cost of 600 credits. The addition of this new class unfortunately makes the VETERAN achievement more time consuming. The achievement requires players to completely upgrade the perks in all classes; the addition of a new class has just increased the amount of work needed to complete this objective. As well as the new class, the update added a new event, Showdown Duel Tournaments, and a new league system. To view the entire patch notes, click on the spoiler below:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


Alongside news of the update came bad news for Windows Phone players. The upcoming Update XIX will be the last update for players on this device. Gameloft recommends that players pick up the game on Windows tablets or PC to continue playing with all of the content that will be released in the future. Gameloft did hint that players would be able to remain on Windows Phone for a while longer, though, even if the game will not be updated in the future:

Dear respected players,

Modern Combat 5 has reached update XVIII. We appreciate your support which has allowed us to make it this far.

This update and the next will be the last on Windows Phone. In order to receive further contents, we recommend picking up the fight on PC or Windows tablet, where your gaming experience is at its best. Should you decide to stay, the game will be alive on the new server with all your current progress maintained.

Once again, we thank you for staying with us all these years.
Modern Combat 5 is not the only title to have support discontinued. Dungeon Hunter 5, which also received a recent update on PC, will not be receiving further updates on Windows Phone either:

For Windows Phone users: Microsoft announced recently that they are discontinuing development of this platform. For that reason, we will not be able to keep creating updates for DH5 for Windows Phones, and we are giving Windows Phones users the possibility to switch to an iOS/Android/PC device. This action is irreversible, so please be sure of your choice. This situation is very specific and concerns DH5 development only, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. The game will remain available but the most recent updates will not be released on Windows Phone.
Those who wish to transfer their progress to another platform can find instructions to do so here. The FAQ for the game confirmed that the servers for the Windows Phone edition will remain open if you choose to remain, with all in-app purchases and in-game currency remaining intact. Some events will also continue to run, but not those that involve content from the latest updates.

This is likely the beginning of the end for games on the Windows Phone platform. As mentioned in the DH5 announcement, Microsoft recently confirmed that they were not building new features for the Windows Phone operating system, nor were they focusing on developing new hardware. While the company will continue to fix bugs and introduce security updates, Microsoft is instead choosing to focus on versions of their core software that will be released on rival platforms. They recently launched a test version of the Edge web browser on Android and iOS, for example.

Thanks to the many members of the community who sent this one in!
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