Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis Trailer, Art, Screens, Release Date and Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The "Episode Ignis" DLC has been on Final Fantasy XV fans' radars for some time now. With the release drawing closer, Square Enix has released new details for the upcoming DLC as well as art, a trailer, and a set of screens.


If you've checked out "Episode Gladiolus" and/or "Episode Prompto" you'll already be prepared to discover another untold part of the story with another one of Noctis' loyal friends. This time around, Ignis is under the spotlight as we find out what happened to him during his battle against Leviathan in the main game. Take a look at the trailer for a look at some of the challenges Ignis faces as he does what he must to protect the crown prince.

If you've yet to check out the base game, be warned that the following video may spoil some of the game's story for you:

Here's a list of the key features included in the upcoming Episode:

Other features from Episode Ignis include:
  • A brand-new storyline unknown to Noctis as he remains unconscious after the Trial of Leviathan. Ignis faces his own fight on the streets of Altissia, driven by his unwavering dedication to protect Noctis at all costs.
  • Fast-paced action - Ignis’s spelldaggers can be imbued with elemental properties, and his unique ability “Total Clarity” allows him to target and attack multiple enemies at once.
  • A new comrade, Ravus - following the guest appearances of Cor in Episode Gladiolus and Aranea in Episode Prompto, Ravus will join forces with Ignis, putting allegiances aside in order to save the ones they care about.
  • Master Your Fate – this episode features multiple endings, allowing players to see a different outcome of events.
Yasunori Mitsuda, known for his work on Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and Xenogears, has composed and recorded three new songs alongside the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra for the upcoming Episode. The team has even put together a trailer for the legendary composer, too. Check it out below:

Lastly, we have some screens that are stills from the trailer. Take a look at Ignis, Noctis, Ravus, and more familiar faces:

The "Episode Ignis" DLC in Final Fantasy XV will be available as a standalone package or as part of the Season Pass on December 13th.

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