Viral Month

By zigs00, 7 years ago
We've passed the halfway point in our first Community Event and so far it's been a great success! TA's official Community Event Organiser Chad and Jessie wanted to share some stats and remind everyone how they can continue to contribute to Viral Month.

Chad and Jessie said:
Viral Month took off with a bang and hasn’t slowed down yet. I’m starting to think this might be an Epidemic. Yes, that was a horrible pun. If you have no idea what Viral Month is feel free to read here or here. I figured with two weeks under our belt it was time for a little update and review of the half of the event.

As most of you know, we have some special guests (EA Mods for Need for Speed: ProStreet, for example) who have volunteered some time to spread their virals. With only a few days into the event the Need for Speed: ProStreet servers encountered some sort of issue and would no longer allow for gamers to connect, forcing us to cancel 8 of these special sessions. Thankfully this issue only lasted a few days and, graciously, the EA mods rescheduled the cancelled sessions and even ADDED more sessions to our event. Some of these sessions still have openings, so grab them while you can.

With the yearly close of some EA servers, I wanted to ensure that we had ample amounts of sessions for any viral that would soon become “unobtainable” (that’s a four letter word around these parts). I am very happy to say that in the seven days and counting only the Community Event sessions we were able to spread A.Bell Fever in FIFA 09 37 times and Street Fever in FIFA Street 3 12 times, as well as multiple other non-viral achievements in both games.

Now the fun part: STATS.
In the first seven days, counting ONLY the Community Gaming Sessions, we had spread:
Over 950 virals, totaling more then 30,000 TA score in over 300 sessions!

We hit 1000 virals spread with a TA score of 36,333 on February 08 at 02:30:00 GMT.

After fourteen days we had spread:
Over 1800 virals totaling more then 60,000 TA score in more than 600 sessions.

And just yesterday, at around 0:00 GMT, we passed 2000 virals spread with a total TA score of over 70,000!

I have to thank everyone that has volunteered to spread their germs. You all are keeping me very busy, which is AWESOME, and I’m sure the TA community is very appreciative. I will continue creating sessions through out the entire month of February. If you are interesting in volunteering to spread please email me ( with the information in the example post in this thread VIRAL MONTH: How To Volunteer to share your germs. If you are interested in participating, visit the Community Event Sessions page where you can view and sign up for these viral sessions.

Also to note: TA has fixed the session notifications. If you are looking for a specific viral or the session you want is full, add the game to your boost list, and you’ll be notified once a session is created.

Now, stop reading this and get out there and spread, or get some, germs. NOW