For Honor Season Four Details and Free Weekend

By Lucy Wood, 11 months ago
Ubisoft has confirmed a launch date for Season Four of their faux-historic fighting game For Honor. Dubbed "Order & Havoc", the new content includes heroes, maps, an objective game mode and customisation items. To celebrate the launch Ubisoft is also offering a free play event on all platforms running from November 9-12th.

Tribute is a new objective-based game mode to be added as part of Season Four of For Honor. It challenges players to battle for three Offerings placed around the map and bring them to their team's Shrines to win. Whenever an Offering is presented to a Shrine, the whole team is given a buff, adding an extra element of strategy when choosing where to place Offerings. Other changes in PvP include two new maps — Market Town and The Gauntlet — and the promise of a Ranked Dominion mode to come later in the season.

The addition of two new heroes in Season Four of For Honor will bring the roster of each faction up to a total of six fighters. The Samurai will welcome a new hybrid fighter called the Aramusha, who wields duel katanas that are used for both offense and defense. Aramusha is a nimble warrior who must navigate the battlefield with care, capable of swiftly punishing enemy mistakes with a flurry of fast attacks.

The second new hero coming in Season Four of For Honor is a Viking Assassin known as the Shaman, who hunts enemies down armed with a dagger and hatchet. The Shaman is geared towards an aggressive play style, ready to pounce with the energy of a wild animal attacking its prey.

Season Four of For Honor will begin November 14th. Season Pass holders will be able to access the two new heroes free of charge on launch, while other players will be able to unlock them from November 21st for 15,000 Steel. The free play event from November 9-12th is available to Xbox Live Gold members and will include all content up to Season Three.

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Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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