Descendent Studios Announces Descent: Underground

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Developer Descendent Studios has come together with publisher Little Orbit to bring gamers a reignition of 6DoF shooter games in the form of Descent: Underground. The game will be a reboot of the classic full-freedom shooter Descent, which was released in 1995 on PC platforms and then ported to the PlayStation in 1996.


Descendent's CEO, Eric Peterson, is happy with the partnership between his team and Little Orbit:

Little Orbit is helping us to enrich players’ experience in Descent: Underground with a larger storyline campaign, excellent art, and deeper metagame. With Little Orbit on board, we’re progressing faster towards delivering the amazing modern rebirth that Descent deserves!
Little Orbit's CEO, Matthew Scott, is excited for the game's upcoming "rebirth":

We’re proud to help give the Descent series the full, modern AAA rebirth it deserves. Descendent had the experience, the vision, and the drive. Now with our help, they have the support to take Descent: Underground out of this world!
As for the game itself, in a combination of first-person shooting and six-degrees-of-freedom vehicular movement, players will fight through twisting tunnels and vast caverns in combat spacecraft where danger could be anywhere at anytime, and "the concepts of up and down mean nothing". With Earth starving, pilots like yourself are a vital factor for those living on Earth to survive. As you scour the land for resources, you'll square off against the best rock jocks in the solar system while on a mission to capture asteroids and minerals. You'll also be able to battle friends in private multiplayer matches, or take on never-ending waves of enemies in a horde-style mode.

Here's a list of key features for the game:

  • Face off against your friends in a variety of multiplayer modes
  • Epic single player campaign
  • Play different strategies with different ship classes
  • Deep decal and customization system
  • Stunning environments to explore with VR support supported by Unreal 4
There's also a set of screens full of space-filled, colourful and explosive action players can dive into next year:

Descent: Underground will be coming to the Xbox One in 2018.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the Descent: Underground achievements.
Ashley Woodcock
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