Tokyo 42's First DLC Announced With Update

By Kelly Packard,
Developer SMAC Games and publisher Mode7 have been working on the first DLC for May's Tokyo 42. The DLC, entitled "Smaceshi's Castles," will launch alongside a major update for the game that adds new difficulty modes.

"Smaceshi's Castles" provides 90 new missions in a "new open-world level." The challenge-based levels add more medals for players to earn. The DLC will be priced at US$7.99 / £5.79 or your regional equivalent. Three screenshots and a video have been released to showcase the new content:

A free update will launch alongside the DLC for all Tokyo 42 players. The update contains a new multiplayer map called Bishop’s Itchington Multiplayer and a revision of the game's difficulty modes to offer options for more casual players. There are also some quality of life adjustments attached to getting kills and aiming certain weapons.

According to the developer, "Tokyo 42 is at times a challenging game so we decided to add some options for players who’d like to curate their experience a little more":

  • Easy mode gives the player a shield with 3 charges that act like extra lives - giving them a little bit of wiggle room after an unscheduled meeting with a stray rifle round. It also makes all of the player’s bullets a little bit faster than normal, making you more deadly than ever.
  • Normal mode provides only the sped-up bullets featured in Easy mode. We’ve found that these faster bullets really make the combat more punchy and fun, so this is our recommended level of play.
  • Classic Mode is untouched and keeps the original slightly harder T42 experience available for archivists and masochists alike.
The player can switch between these modes any time during single player play, and will have the option to choose their preference when choosing their initial save game.
The other changes are as follows:

  • Kill markers - Feedback is such an important part of playing games, so we’ve added a little animation and sfx when you successfully eliminate an enemy.
  • Aiming at ground - Rocket launchers and Heavy lasers are only truly useful when they actually explode where you want them to, so we’ve made the player aim at the ground by default when using these weapons. You can set this behaviour to be standard for all weapons too if you like, via the gameplay options menu.
The patch and DLC have already launched on Steam and will be coming soon to the console versions of Tokyo 42.

We've got the full list of Tokyo 42 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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