The Best Xbox One X Enhanced Games

By Mark Delaney, 11 months ago
By the time some of you read this, your Xbox One X, fresh out of the box, will be ready to play the best games and make them even better. But which games should you prioritize when those 4K patches are ready to go? The full list of Xbox One X enhanced titles is long and getting lengthier by the week.

Into 2018, this list will continue to expand with more titles choosing to take advantage of the world's most powerful console. But for now, as we approach the end of 2017, we've managed to pull out several of the best Xbox One X enhanced games for those looking to jump right into the best the console can offer. This list, as always, is made with considerations from our site reviews as well as user ratings. If you're about to plug in your Xbox One X for the first time, don't miss out on some of the best games it will make even better. Keep in mind that not all of these titles have yet received their enhancement patches, but any that aren't are scheduled to do so, and surely plenty more will follow.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Gamescom Art 7

The quality and quantity of the content in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are beyond compare and without peer. It is now the gold standard to which all other RPGs will be held. With hundreds of hours of rich, detailed story, a plethora of side quests, incredible aesthetic design, deep combat systems, and unprecedented sense of place and character, it checks off all of the boxes for excellence in the genre. Those plaudits come at a price, though, as the game can be a technical grab bag of minor (and major) bugs and glitches. Fortunately, these technical gripes and moments of mechanical frustration are easy to overlook when examining the experience as a whole. This is a game that should not be missed by RPG fans, should be tried by curious gamers, and will be looked back upon as one of the best ever. Consider it a must play.

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Forza Horizon 3


Forza Horizon 3 takes the winning formula from previous releases in the series and improves upon them in almost every way. The expansive roster of cars are all beautifully designed right down to the smallest detail. The setting is stunning with very few walls and boundaries to inhibit your freedom, and now you can experience all of the fun in four-player co-op with the added bonus of being able to customise almost every aspect of each race to your choosing. Quite simply, Forza Horizon 3 is the pinnacle of open-world racers available on the Xbox One.

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Dishonored 2


There was a satisfaction to playing Dishonored 2 in quiet and merciful way that was totally different than the wanton assault of a second playthrough. Few games can elicit that dichotomy of emotion and experience. That factor alone makes Dishonored 2 a game worth playing. For those needing a more technical recommendation, however, Dishonored 2 represents a hallmark in level design and player freedom. While you're encouraged to play the game stealthily with a good measure of tactics and precision, it is by no means necessary. The detailed missions, versatile powers, and atmospheric storytelling will keep you coming back for multiple playthroughs if only to learn more about the world, play with the powers, and find every last thing to either steal or kill/subdue. Simply put, Dishonored 2 is a must play for stealth fans and an easy recommendation for most gamers.

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Injustice 2

Injustice 2 2

NetherRealm has completely knocked it out of the park with Injustice 2 once again. Presenting us with a fighting title that sheds a new perspective on the world of DC is an idea that continues to be executed brilliantly. The game's story mode is highly enjoyable, and the superb animations and performances help to elevate it to movie-like quality. Gameplay is as slick as ever, and every available mode is rather addictive in nature. For the more casual player who has come for a story and few brawls, repetition has the potential to creep up on them so a variety in content wouldn't have gone amiss, but NetherRealm has still managed to utilise what's on offer to great effect. The gear system is an ingenious one, so you'll more than likely want to keep coming back for more so that every fighter is covered in shiny, epic gear. NetherRealm continues to show us that they really are the king of western fighting games with Injustice 2.

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Shadow of War Screens

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is the best Assassin's Creed-style game available. It's also a worthy successor to a game many called 2014's Game of the Year. The world is huge and full of tons of activities. The new fortress assault system creates awesome battles that feel truly epic. Then there's the return of the Nemesis system, which runs through every system the game has to offer. The system keeps combat fresh and it gives Shadow of War a much-needed splash of character and humor. Its faults are undoubtedly minor. Overall, Shadow of War is an excellent game that offers dozens of hours of enjoyable content. It's a game that's worthy of every minute you'll put into it.

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Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 Monarch update

Titanfall 2 is everything for which you could possibly wish to find in a sequel, answering all of the negatives of its predecessor. While short in length, the campaign is an exhilarating ride that showcases everything that made the first game feel so refreshing, and the refined multiplayer will keep you consumed for months to come. This title is a must own for any first-person shooter fan.

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Rocket League

Rocket League

It might have taken a while for Rocket League to appear on the Xbox One, but the wait was worth it. The simplistic design of the game makes it extremely easy to pick up and play for newcomers, while at the same time allowing players to develop their skill and understanding of the game through practice. If you've already played the game extensively on other platforms prior to its launch on the Xbox One then there's nothing new on offer. For anyone that hasn’t tried Rocket League yet, it’s an absolute masterpiece of a multiplayer game that really has to be experienced to be truly understood.

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Quantum Break

Q Break X1 Screens 7

Thus far as a studio, Remedy has a long history of creating games that focus on two key ideas: providing unconventional gameplay that brings something new to shooters and presenting it in a story rich with characters, background lore, and more than a few twists. Quantum Break hits on both of these tenets and does so in what feels like their most well-rounded game to date. The time manipulation powers are as special as Max Payne's "bullet time" or Alan Wake's fighting with light. The time travel storyline is one that lends itself to discussion, speculation, and adoration among genre fans. Both of these things are then aided by a great cast and truly stunning audio and visual design. Not without missteps, Quantum Break is still an exceptional title that takes chances and looks like the makings of a successful new franchise. In short, it's a hell of a time.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider screenshots

Crystal Dynamics had great success in rebooting Tomb Raider back in 2013. Rise of the Tomb Raider takes another positive step forward and continues the development of Lara Croft while providing another solid adventure. Lara's growth is the best part of this game as she is a more confident and daring protagonist but still not without her massive obstacles to overcome. Giving players a bigger world with more varied terrain and more sights to see fulfills the promise of the series' legacy: an adventuring spirit with history — and mystery — abound. With familiar faces returning from the reboot and plenty of new allies and enemies joining the explosive fray, Rise makes for a fantastic follow-up that's really itching to be seen, now more than ever.

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Gears of War 4


Gears of War 4 promised a new beginning — a new cast of characters, a new threat to humanity and the chance for a new developer to make its mark. The gameplay and storyline certainly aren't lacking and will likely keep Gears fans amused, even if there's more than a passing sense of familiarity on both sides of the conflict. Away from the campaign, there are tweaks to competitive multiplayer that include a couple of new game modes, but the real focus of the title is the improved Horde mode. It is here that players will spend the majority of their time and where the real enjoyment lies. This title manages to leave the errors of Judgment behind and Gears fans will be glad to know that it's a title that plays it safe — the franchise is in safe hands.

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