Raiders of the Broken Planet Changing Ahead of Future Season 1 Content

By Rebecca Smith,
While a lot of titles have been receiving Day One patches to make use of the capabilities of Microsoft's newly released Xbox One X console, developer MercurySteam has other things on their mind. It's fair to say that their third person shooter title Raiders of the Broken Planet wasn't terribly well received upon its release. Suffice to say, the developer has seen fit to make some changes to the game's structure before they release any more content for the game's first season.

First, the Prologue has changed its name because the developer wanted to emphasise that this is the base game to which the additional campaigns add. Now known as the "Eternal Soldier" Starter Campaign, players can still try out the same two missions for free. The first is a single-player tutorial known as "First Blood" and the second is a 4v1 multiplayer mission known as “Hanging by a Thread”. What's different about this new starter campaign is that free players will also have access to the game's economy systems, with gold, faction points and character points now being available for use. This means that players can unlock new characters, Faction and Character Cards, as well as being able to build weapons and discover the game's lore. Check out the trailer and the screens below to see what's in store:

If you like what you see in the Starter Campaign, you can purchase additional campaigns at €9.99/US$9.99/£9.99, which each add another four missions. At the moment, only the "Alien Myths" campaign is available, for which we've also got a new trailer below. MercurySteam hopes that the second additional campaign, "Wardog Fury", will be released before the end of 2017 and more are planned for the future.

Having said that the developer had other things on their mind, this doesn't mean that they've ignored the Xbox One X completely. Like five other titles that received Day One patches today, Raiders of the Broken Planet has been patched too. The game's resolution has increased to a native 1440p with HDR support, further emphasising the game's harsh environments and vivid characters. The game will also run at 60fps to increase the game's response time and smoothness. This patch is available to download now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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