Gravel's Latest Developer Diary Focuses on the Four Disciplines

By Ashley Woodcock, 11 months ago
A new developer diary has been released for Gravel, the upcoming racer from well-known racing developer Mileston S.r.l. We hadn't covered the first one that was released a few months ago so let's start from the top before diving into the latest instalment from the series.

The first video takes us into the developers' offices where we get to meet the technical, audio, and art team. The team talks about and showcases the technical aspects that have gone into making the game, but if you don't speak Italian, then none of what you hear will mean anything to you. Thankfully, for those who can't speak this language, subtitles have been provided in English:

In the latest developer diary, the team focuses on the game's career mode that has been developed around the "Off-Road Masters", an annual TV show put together by the Gravel Channel. Here, only the best riders in the world duke it out in nothing but off-road races.

Gravel Wild Rush 6

Milestone goes on to detail the show:

The show’s season includes episodes which are made up of one or more races. Each competition is part of a specific discipline: the players will fight against the champion of that discipline, the so-called Off-Road Master, while they proceed in the career. Four champions for four disciplines, Cross Country, Wild Rush, Speed Cross and Stadium Circuit, and each champion mirrors the spirit of their discipline. Players will have to fight to defeat the Off-Road Masters and win their titles. Once the championship is over, players can take part in a definitive challenge to beat the reigning Off-Road Master of all disciplines in the Final League.
Cross Country tracks will see players racing over huge areas with different layouts as drivers try to beat each other in checkpoint style races. Wild Rush consists of lap races in the "wildest locations in the world" and combines the joys of track racing with driving on an open circuit. Speed Cross races are for the technical and precise racers and come with a mix of asphalt and dirt. With narrow tracks, only the most skilled gamers will come out on top, and in one piece. Lastly, Stadium Circuit tracks will be full of a key element: dirt. These types of races have been designed for the ultimate competitors and to put on spectacular competitions.

Learn more about the four disciplines in the following video:

Gravel is now dated for a February 27th, 2018 release on the Xbox One.

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