Phil Spencer Talks First-Party Plans and More in Recent Interview

By Mark Delaney,
With Xbox becoming a greater focus of the bigger picture at Microsoft, the brand intends to recommit to first-party development, either through new or acquired studios, said Phil Spencer in an interview with Bloomberg. With three decades at the company, Spencer was promoted to Microsoft's senior leadership team a few weeks ago and now answers directly to Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. The move seemed to signal an increased focus on gaming from the company.

Spencer's interview with Bloomberg contained several interesting bits, chiefly that the brand is looking to invest more heavily into first-party development by way of opening or acquiring studios. Historically, Spencer said, the company's commitment to first-party development has risen and fallen. As of late, the green team's critics have perhaps never been louder on this matter, but it seems Microsoft is listening.

Xbox One X CarouselWith their much touted Xbox One X finally out, Team Xbox is looking to fix the dearth of first-party content.

Three years ago, Nadella called gaming an important market but not core to the company's goals. Spencer is credited with changing his and others' minds on that matter since then and it's why he now sits among those directors in Redmond, Washington.

Another interesting note comes near the end of the Bloomberg story, where Spencer says the company considered debuting a streaming service but delayed it due to its immense costs. He told Bloomberg the company plans to revisit this service, which wouldn't require a console for some types of content, and "probably" launch it within the next three years. Click through to the Bloomberg interview to hear more from Xbox's lead on what the future of the brand may look like.

Which studios would you like to see Xbox acquire if they go down that route? And what about games? What new kinds of IP could Xbox use to boost their reputation?

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