Battlefield 1 November Update and Operation Campaigns

By Roland Chansen, 1 year ago
Battlefield 1 will receive multiple updates throughout month, which include the initial November update and the first operation campaign. The November update will allow Xbox One X users to make the most of their new consoles by adding HDR support. Additionally, players that did not purchase a premium pass will receive access to the “Nivelle Nights” map.

The November update also includes new RSP features, updates to player progression, gameplay improvements, and a variety of adjustments and bug fixes. Progression changes include an updated tracker that allows players to view progress on all five active medals at once and updated Battlepacks that feature new weapon skins. RSP admins will receive more control over maps, including the ability to create a rotation of up to 32 maps. A notable quality of life adjustment to deployments makes it so that players spawning into gas or the air have automatically deployed gas masks and parachutes.

The first Battlefield One operation campaign is titled “Eastern Storm” and is available now. Players will first notice an updated operations UI. Operation campaigns will be designated by a star on the map and a new tracker at the bottom of the screen will indicate scoring required to unlock rewards.

For the remaining details on the November update, check out the full patch notes:
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The November update for Battlefield 1 is live for Xbox One.

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