Pig Eat Ball Rolls Out a Greasy Trailer

By Chewie, 2 months ago
Following the rather unconventional trailer for their upcoming game Pig Eat Ball from a couple of weeks ago, Mommy's Best Games has gone down the more conventional route with another trailer featuring some actual gameplay this time. I say conventional. It's still a game about a pig eating its way through a maze and then vomiting to shrink in size to fit through small gaps. So, yeah, conventional in the loosest sense of the word.

As well as the trailer, we also get some sizzling screens and tasty titbits about the title, which will feature hundreds of a levels across five worlds. As well as battling through mazes featuring chaotic action, there will be secret disguises to find that will alter Bow the pig's powers, such as "ball magnetism". The game is balanced to be challenging but fun, and should be rewarding for new players and those who want to perfect speedruns alike.

Pig Eat Ball will be porking its way to Xbox One and Windows 10 with Play Anywhere next Spring.
Written by Chewie
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