Updated Rocket League Collector's Edition Detailed

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
A couple of weeks ago we learned that Warner Bros would be taking over publishing duties for the indie mega-hit Rocket League. While making that announcement, the company also revealed that a new physical edition of the game was on the way soon. Now we've learned more about what this new edition will contain.

Rocket League Collector's Edition box art

As you can see by the box, this collector's edition will come with content based on The Flash. Undoubtedly made easier by Warner Bros also owning The Flash publisher DC Comics, this new content includes wheels and banners inspired by the fastest man alive. In addition to that, this edition will include the same DLC ("Supersonic Fury", "Revenge of the Battle Cars" and "Chaos Run") and DLC cars (Aftershock, Marauder, Esper and Masamune) as the previous retail version, and the same art print made by Psyonix's concept artist Jay Zhang.

This updated edition of Rocket League will hit North America on November 14th for US$29.99. There's no word on pricing in other regions, but the game will roll out everywhere else on December 7th. For those of us who already own the game, Psyonix has promised that there will be the opportunity to purchase the additional content in 2018.

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