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By Ethan Anderson, 1 year ago
EA has recently revealed their December DLC plans for the fast-approaching Star Wars Battlefront II. The first wave of additional content, dubbed The Last Jedi Season, will bring new maps, heroes, vehicles and more for free. The developer has also stated that every post-launch map, ship, weapon, and hero will be available for players free of charge going forward as well.

The "season" starts on December 5th as players will be asked to choose to fight for either the First Order or the Resistance. Once you are part of a faction, you will gain access to challenges that will provide rewards for the side you chose.

On December 13th, Captain Phasma will join the battle for the First Order and Finn will step up to fight for the Resistance. They will be available for purchase with in-game currency starting that week. A special crate containing valuable upgrades for the two characters will go to the faction that completes the most challenges that week. A new planetary map, Crait, and a new Starfighter Assault map, D'Qar, will also arrive during that same week along with new vehicles inspired by The Last Jedi film.

Also on December 13th, new chapters will be added to the game's single player story. You will continue to play as Commander Iden Versio as the First Order rises to power in this campaign add-on titled Resurrection.

You will be able to see the impact of your faction choice in-game throughout December as you look to edge out the opposing side. Below is a quick visual rundown of EA's plans for Star Wars Battlefront II over next month.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches on November 17th and those who pre-order the Deluxe Edition can begin playing on the 14th. If you would rather try the game before going all in on a purchase, those with EA Access on Xbox One can now play for up to ten hours before the game releases.

The Last Jedi Season is only a few short weeks away. Which faction will you choose?

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