SMITE's Shadows Over Hercopolis Patch Now Out on Console

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
SMITE's 4.21 patch has been a roller coaster of emotions for console fans. First, Hi-Rez announced it would be gracing consoles earlier than the usual one week after PC's launch. Then, dreams were crushed as Hi-Rez moved the release back to next week due to "critical issues." Luckily, whatever those critical issues were have been addressed: the patch is live and available to download right now.

Patch 4.21: "Shadows Over Hercopolis" is a big one in many ways. For the biggest attraction of the patch, it's a two-way tie between the new Shadows Over Hercopolis Adventure and the new goddess Discordia. Coming in at a close third place would have to be the continuation of SMITE's yearly Odyssey event. As always, you can expect the usual array of balance changes and bug fixes.

As a quick recap for those encountering SMITE's Adventure for the first time, Adventures are limited-time events that offer a completely different way to play SMITE other than the standard MOBA fare. They've included Capture the Flag, an RPG, a racing mode and more.

Like the earlier Adventure The Trials of King Hercules, Shadows Over Hercopolis is an RPG mode but on a more grandiose scale. There are new bosses and mechanics more epic than the last. Players can team up with two other players to repeatedly play the mode to farm items and attempt to beat bosses on higher difficulties. For 900 gems, it comes with its own cosmetic bundle that will grant another Gold Key to unlock a limited skin from the Gold Vault. This is the last Adventure, so players can now unlock everything from the Gold Vault if they own all the other bundles.

  • Limited Agent of Darkness Loki
  • Limited Thief Avatar
  • Limited Music Theme
  • Limited Thief Loading Skin
  • Gold Key
  • Plus, earn an extra Gold Key after purchasing all Adventure Bundles

For those more interested in god additions, Discordia is the newest goddess. She's a high-burst, high-AoE mage who brings a lot of crowd control to the table. She's been added with her recolor skin, Rebellious Discordia.

Part five of The Odyssey 2018 is also here. New purchasable items are Primal Shaman Ganesha, Exterminator Kali and the Hindu Pantheon Recall FX. The two skins can be purchased for 400 gems during the 4.21 patch but will go back up to their regular price of 500 gems once patch 4.22 launches. The Recall FX is 240 gems or 300 after this patch. If you're keeping up with The Odyssey quests that earn you free Odyssey Points, the Hindu line of quest is now open, bringing seven new quests from which to choose. The Fire and Ice pedestal has also been added as the 52,500-point collection reward.

Unrelated to The Odyssey, Vanquisher Nemesis has been added to the Chivalry Chest at 300 gems per roll. Ma Chérie Arachne is in the Gothic Chest at 200 gems per roll. Wasteland Cu Chulainn is in The Odyssey 2018 chest at 200 gems per roll. The release of Kali's Exterminator skin has given Hi-Rez a chance to update her mastery skins. You can also see the art for Cursed King Cernunnos, the newest addition to the Gold Vault, and the Agent of Darkness Loki skin included with the Adventure bundle.

On the balance side of things, you'll see buffs to quite a few gods — Agni, Da Ji, Isis, Janus and Ullr — as well as three items: Blackthorn Hammer, Stone of Fal and Relic Dagger. Ullr's changes are both quality of life adjustments at the same time as being buffs; the cast time on his axe stun has been reduced and he now can see his other stance's cooldown abilities, similar to newer stance-switching gods like Artio. He also has reduced mana costs nearly across the board. Hou Yi has been nerfed.

Patch 4.21 is live now for SMITE console. You can see the detailed patch notes here.

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