Xbox One X Launch Sales Beat Out PS4 Pro Launch in UK

By Will Cruz, 1 year ago
The Xbox One X officially launched worldwide back on November 7th. It’s been nearly a week since its debut and it seems the console is off to a strong start. In fact, according to figures in the United Kingdom, it mirrored the launch of the Nintendo Switch and even surpassed the launch of PlayStation 4 Pro back in 2016.

Unsaved Article News Image's latest report reveals exactly how many units were sold and how it fared against the major competition. Retailers revealed that Microsoft's latest 4K console sold more than 80,000 units. By comparison, the PlayStation 4 Pro sold only 60,000 units during its launch week, which means the Xbox One X enjoyed roughly around a 33% increase. Needless to say, the first week sales appear promising. Only time will tell just how successful the Xbox One X will be overall.

Did you end up snagging an Xbox One X? If you haven't yet, will you?
Will Cruz
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