Fortnite V.1.9 Patch Released

By Dave Bricker, 3 months ago
It was just six days ago that we announced the 1.8.2 patch for Fortnite. Only five days before that that we brought you news of the 1.8.1 patch. Now we’re getting details on the new 1.9 patch. “Battle Royale” and “Save The World” have the biggest changes. Numerous gameplay improvements, controller sensitivity, and performance improvements dominate these.


“Battle Royale” is getting launch pads. Launch pad traps will fling players into the air and allow them to redeploy their gliders mid match. The gliders will allow players to fly over their targets and launch surprise aerial assaults. Once the launch pad is deployed, it can be used by any player and has unlimited uses. It can’t be picked up, but it can be destroyed like any other trap.

Fortnite Launch Pad

The 1.9 patch is also getting Save The World shotguns. These new stylish shotguns can be found throughout the world and schematics can be found from Loot Llamas. The Semi-Automatic Shotgun is uncommon, the Charger is rare, the Stallion is epic, and the Stampede is legendary.

For those who want to spend several minutes reading the full patch notes, they are listed below.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The 1.9 patch is now live.
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Written by Dave Bricker
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