Amazon Discounts Alan Wake to $3 [US Only]

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Have you recently thought to yourself, "I have WAY too much available space on my hard drive. I wish there was SOMETHING to eat up a chunk of it,"? Well, do we have good news! Intrepid community member, Knucklehead923, has furthered us in our ongoing quest to inform you of the best deals in gaming by bringing the following deal to our attention:

Alan Wake - $2.73

You read that right, the full game code to Time Magazine's Game of the Year for less than a cup of joe... an awesome deal indeed.

Like all good deals, though, there is a catch. You will still have to pay $6.99 in shipping bringing your grand total to just under $10. Also, the full download takes up 6.3GB of hard drive space. I can also imagine that such a download will take the better part of an ice age, so I would also recommend purchasing a good book from the retailer before you head to checkout!
Credit for this story goes to Knucklehead923
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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