Weekend Announcements November 17th-19th: Defunct, Sky Force and Ultimate ADOM

By Rebecca Smith,
The lack of weekend announcements last week meant that we took a break, but we're back this week with three new titles vying for your attention.


Freshly Squeezed has teamed up with publisher SOEDESCO to bring their "indie adventure racing game" to the Xbox One and Windows 10. Players assume the role of a broken robot who's fallen out of the back of a giant cargo ship. He lands on Earth, although humanity has long since become extinct. Now the planet is inhabited by robots, but he still doesn't want to stay here. Players must use a combination of flow, speed and gravity to conquer jumps and other obstacles in a race back to the ship before it's too late. The Gravitize engine allows for downhill boosts and quick uphill climbs by manipulating gravity. The title will be available on December 19th.

Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Anniversary is the third title in Infinite Dreams' aerial shooter series, but it's the only one to have graced Xbox consoles so far. That's set to change with this recreation of the original Sky Force title that released on Symbian and Pocket PC in 2004, later finding its way to mobile platforms. Players must save the world from the evil clutches of General Mantis, but there are hordes of enemies in the way first. The single player campaign will offer ship upgrades and power ups, "gargantuan" bosses and a variety of enemies that include helicopters, fighters, tanks and turrets. Alternatively you can play it safe and rescue civilians. The title comes to Xbox One on December 1st.

Ultimate ADOM

Ancient Domains of Mystery, otherwise known as ADOM, is Thomas Biskup's roguelike title that was released in 1994. A mere 14 years later, the title will be reborn for Xbox One with upgraded graphics, infinitely customizable characters, improved crafting and modding, a more flexible magic system and cross-platform save files. The game's story takes place in the world of Ancardia, a once peaceful world. Now Chaos has arisen. Nobody knows why, but they suspect that Gaethra the Creator has awoken. Adventurers try to hold back the forces of Chaos but it seems futile, especially as there are now limitless variations of Ancardia that co-exist through space and time. The only connection between these worlds is the battle between Order and Chaos. Will you take the plunge when the title arrives in Q4 2018?

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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