Terraria Trailer with Expert Mode and Treasure Bags Released

By Dave Bricker, 3 months ago
As we fast approach the anticipated release of the 1.3 patch for Terraria, Pipeworks Studio showed some of the new changes via gameplay streaming. This trailer focuses primarily on Expert Mode and Treasure Bags.

Expert Mode is a harder version of normal mode, with harder bosses, more difficult monsters, and an opportunity to summon monsters depending on whether you meet conditions at the time. The video stream also shows treasure bags and some of the possible drops to be won from the treasure bags after defeating bosses.

Review 3

Pipeworks also released some information on what they are still working with the 1.3 patch since the original estimate for the release date has come and gone. Pipeworks is working on around 30 bugs, including a big one affecting network multiplayer stability. Other bug fix requirements include stability/functionality and localization bugs. The patch has been optimized, but more optimization work is being done.

The 1.3 patch does not have a release date yet, but Pipeworks Studios is in discussions about a release date once the bugs and other problems are solved and it is submitted for certification.
Dave Bricker
Written by Dave Bricker
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