Ubisoft Details What To Expect In Year Three Of Rainbow Six Siege

By Andy Mills, 1 year ago
With "Operation White Noise" rounding out year two of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has revealed what players can expect in the game's third year of continuing development.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3

The year will be split into four seasons, with content including:

  • 8 new operators from the world’s highly performing CTUs
  • 2 brand new maps set in Italy and Morocco
  • 1 existing map make over with a new level design and art direction
Rainbow Six Siege Year 3

We kick year three off with "Operation Chimera", which will bring us the title's first co-operative event. With the first season's two operators set to be biohazard specialists (one from France and one from Russia), this event is titled "Outbreak" and will have players teaming up to take out a major threat. It will be a free event for Rainbow Six Siege owners and will feature some exclusive cosmetic items only available during the event.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3

Ubisoft also gave some information about the other three seasons, although none as detailed as the first. Season Two will be a much more traditional season in comparison to the first, with two new operators from the Italian elite airborne counter-terrorism unit Gruppo di Intervento Speciale as well as a map based in Italy. Season Three will then bring one operator from UK's Scotland Yard and one from Delta Force in the US. Not only that but there will be a complete rework of an existing map, although Ubisoft hasn't revealed which one quite yet. Finally, Season Four is all about Morocco with two operators from the Moroccan GIGR and a map based in the North African country.

More information about "Operation Chimera" and "Outbreak" will come at the Six International, with more information on year three as a whole coming soon, too. The Year Three pass will be available for purchase on December 12th, so be sure to pick up the year two season pass before then if you're interested as it will be gone afterwards.

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