[Rumor] Marvel Heroes Omega Possibly Ending on Friday

By Kevin Tavore, 1 year ago
Update: One TA user, Tveilor, compiled a few off-hand comments from developers regarding the situation. Servers are still up, but no one is currently maintaining them. The developers will be surprised if the game is still up on Monday. Gazillion is permanently closed at this point.

Original Story: Marvel Heroes Omega has had a rough few weeks. After planned updates failed to release, including tie-in skins for Marvel's latest movie Thor: Ragnarok, fans of the game knew something was seriously wrong. Last week, the hammer finally dropped and we all heard the bad news: support for the game has ended and the servers would close. That closure date was set for December 31st, but today a credible rumor appeared that suggests it might be far sooner.


The rumor was first reported by MassivelyOP.com, citing an anonymous source with the developer, Gazillion. To be clear, we do not have anything official on this, so it could be completely untrue, but the facts seem believable. MassivelyOP's source said that all Gazillion employees had been terminated today and that banking creditors had pulled the plug on everything, including the servers. The terminations were corroborated in part by ex-Gazillion employee on Twitter:

His tweet is in reference to hopes that players who bought items recently would receive refunds and it seems those are definitely not happening at this point. Most importantly for the server closure is the fact that these terminations are happening. In bankruptcy, the company should avoid unnecessary expenses so as to ensure the creditors can get as much of their money back as possible. This would include unnecessary costs to keep servers for the game up, since the game is currently making no money at all with microtransactions disabled. Thus, it would make sense that the game's servers would not be kept running through the end of the year if money can be saved by shutting them down earlier. After all, player goodwill doesn't pay creditor's bills.

This means that if you're interested in earning more of the achievements, you'd better get to them as soon as possible. This is only a rumor — officially the servers close on December 31st — but it seems believable, if not credible. If an official announcement is made within the next couple of days, we will let you know.

As always, we wish nothing but the best to the developers who were laid off and we hope they're able to make it through this troubled time.

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