Brief Battles Details, Screens, and Trailer

By CognitiveCaveat,
Juicy Cupcake (maybe the coolest sounding game studio name ever) released a new video titled 40 Arenas in 40 Seconds for their upcoming platformer Brief Battles. The term ‘brief’ does not relate to a short time however. It describes underwear. Skivvies. Knickers. These super-powered undies will help propel you through a variety of thematic arenas, with interesting visuals, interactive elements, and hazards, using your nubby, sticky hands to get around the map and take down enemies. Gameplay features solo challenges, co-op mode, or three person local multiplayer. Juicy Cupcake has long-term stretch goals including online multiplayer and language localization. Right now, English, French, Italian, German and Spanish are planned to be supported.

May your butt reign supreme in Brief Battles, use your underpants to fight your friends in this fast-paced underwear-fueled butt-em-up!

Conquer your foes with flaming hot pants, buns of steel, toxic tighty-whities and more. Brief Battles features over-the-top gameplay, colourful heroes, ridiculous game modes, and hilarious combat powers.
Brief Battles

Brief Battles is expected to release in early 2018. Right now, the Kickstarter webpage, which you can donate to, has an estimated delivery date of April 2018.

We've got the full list of Brief Battles achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.