Winter Is Coming to SMITE Console in Patch 4.22: Passage to Egypt

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Following a release on PC and the American Thanksgiving holiday, Hi-Rez Studios has announced Patch 4.22: Passage to Egypt will launch for SMITE console on Monday, November 27th. Winter has arrived in the MOBA with the advent of some new chilly skins and a re-skinned Arena map. Also on the way is more Odyssey content, a new Adventure difficulty, an overhaul to Fenrir, Discordia's achievements and more.

One of the biggest additions is a new difficulty for the Shadows Over Hercopolis Adventure. In case Hard mode wasn't challenging you and your Adventure pals enough, a new Nightmare difficulty will be added with the patch. As of this writing, only 36 players have been able to complete it on PC, so it should provide quite a challenge.

If you're keeping up with the new Odyssey content, you'll notice two new direct-purchase skins, one more collection reward and a jump stamp. Kunoichi Serqet and Druidstone Geb can be purchased at a discounted price of 400 gems during the 4.22 patch and will go up to their regular price of 500 gems once patch 4.23 launches. The Scarab Jump Stamp is new and costs 240 gems, or 300 after this patch. Players can also collect the Oni Musha Hachiman skin upon earning 63,000 Odyssey Points.

The Odyssey isn't the only occasion for new content. Winter has brought on two new skins: Snow Day Scylla and Ice Mage Agni. Both skins will be in the Winter Holiday Chest at 400 gems per roll. The release of Serqet's Kunoichi skin has also given Hi-Rez an opportunity to update her mastery skins.

On the side of balance, there are a number of changes to look out for. Fenrir was given the most noticeable adjustments this patch with a refining and overhaul of his base kit. Using his second ability, his steroid, no longer consumes his runes, but at the same time, his steroid is no longer enhanced by his passive. You'll also notice a new protections buff when Fenrir channels his Brutalize ability, and be on the lookout for a new cone targeter on his ultimate ability.

Artio and Cu Chullain, who are still dominating the meta, have received nerfs. Ymir has received a small buff that will apply his Frostbite passive to enemies in the area of his ultimate. Soul Eater has been reduced in price. Hi-Rez is also looking to address the current strength of Hunters relative to other classes and has nerfed the Titan's Bane tree. In an effort to strengthen Mages, select magical power items like Doom Orb, Lost Artifact, Tiny Trinket and Soul Trap have been buffed with power increases and cost decreases. Void Stone and Shogun’s Kisari will also give less magical protection which will help Mages with their damage output against these items.

Finally, the newest goddess Discordia will have her achievement set added:

  • Curse of Discord – As Discordia, use your Golden Apple of Discord Ability to throw the apple to an enemy and have it spread automatically to 2 other enemies in a single cast.
  • Spreading Strife – As Discordia, use the Strife Ability to turn 2 enemy Gods against each other 3 times in a single match.
The patch will be available on Monday, November 27th. Patches usually launch in the early morning hours (ET).

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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