Weekend Announcements November 24-26th: At Sundown, DAKAR 18 and Trüberbrook

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
Carrying on at the same pace as we did last week, this weekend brought along three new announcements for you to watch out for in the future.

At Sundown

Mild Beast Games' upcoming title is described as a "top-down multiplayer shooter in the dark". Most players would likely regard the lack of ability to see as a hindrance, but in this game the light is your enemy. Sneak through the darkness to get the jump on your enemies. Each of the game's maps have their own hazards and light mechanics. More maps and weapons will be unlocked as players progress, and power ups and rewards will offer temporary boosts, such as a spotlight on your enemy. Up to four players can duke it out online or in local multiplayer when the game arrives on Xbox One next year.


Bigmoon Entertainment has teamed up with Deep Silver to tackle the DAKAR licence as their next AAA title. The game will be open world with an area of over 15,000 km2, which is split into 14 stages to reflect the biggest and toughest rally in the world. Racing is split across five vehicle categories — cars, bikes, trucks, quads and SSVs — and official teams and drivers will be reflected in the game. If you beat up your vehicle too much, you'll have to fix it, and you'll have to deal with all kinds of weathers too. The game isn't just about the rally, though; players will even be able to leave their vehicles and explore the world if they wish to do so. The title will be arriving on Xbox One in the future.


Publisher Headup Games describes btf's upcoming adventure title as "Twin Peaks meeting The X-Files, but in rural cold-war Germany". It's 1967 and American scientist Hans Tannhauser is on holiday in the remote village of Trüberbrook, in the middle of the mountainous forests of Cold War Germany. As you may have expected, not everything is as it seems. Arriving at his hostel, strange things start to happen. Meanwhile, the villagers and his fellow spa guests are peculiar, to say the least. It soon occurs to him that his arrival in the village may not have been accidental and that his purpose for being here might just be to save the world. The 7-10 hour story will be arriving on Xbox One late next year.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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