Test Drive Unlimited 2 Patch Arriving Soon

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Namco Bandai UK marketing head Lee Kirton has confirmed via Twitter that a patch for Test Drive Unlimited 2 should arrive in approximately two weeks time. The patch is currently undergoing extensive QA testing, but will be submitted to Microsoft at the start of next week. Here are the issues that the patch is hoping to fix:

• Improve login process to allow a higher volume of successful connections
• Increase online stability across all multiplayer functionality
• Address issues related to file corruption
• Enable Club and MyTDULife functionality
• Enable Co-Op races
• Enable weather while offline
• Address an issue where players can get a Lancia which has no car data (the patch should prevent this from occurring in the future, and restore players who are currently affected by the issue)
Atari are aware that many players are suffering problems with this game. They have said that you may experience issues with these features until the next patch goes live:

• Signing in to online mode
• Seeing other players in the world and on the map
• Seeing your Friends lists and sending/receiving friend requests
• Claiming your pre-order cars and accessing the Casino
• Entering multiplayer races and joining friends' sessions
• In-game communications
Once these issues have been resolved, Atari will then look into reports that players cannot control their accessories or their Avatar if they are using a racing wheel. However, this issue will not be fixed until after this patch has been implemented.

Here is the current service status for the main features:

Online Play – Online, being monitored closely
DLC Purchasing – Online
Pre-Order Code Redemption - Online
Pre-Order Casino Code Redemption -Online
Getting pre-order cars and Casino in-game - Some users are reporting that their cars don't show up in the Used Car Dealer after the code is redeemed. If this affects you, try playing the game in Offline Mode to see if the cars show up.
Getting pre-order cars and Casino in-game - There is a bug where pre-order cars don't show up in the Used Car dealer if you are online. However, you can play Offline, purchase the car, then sign back on and you'll still have it.
MyTDU2Life - Offline - This is working as designed. TDU2MyLife is dependent on the Club Server.
Clubs - Offline - Scheduled to go live when the next patch is released.
We will keep you updated when more details become available.
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