Battlefield 1 Upcoming Holiday Events and Giveaways

By Ethan Anderson, 1 year ago
Those who continue to play DICE's World War I shooter may be happy to know that Battlefield 1 will be having events and giveaways all throughout December. These include Battlepacks, missions, 2XP, and "Turning Tides". As previously stated, only the first wave of "Turning Tides" will be available on December 11th. With that said, there will also be in-game events over the course of December during the "Battlefield 1 Holidays" period.

Battlefield 1 Holidays is active between November 30th and December 31st. During this stretch of time, players will receive 250 bonus scraps when logging in every Monday and Thursday, although on December 25th, players will receive a Superior Battlepack instead of scraps. There will also be new Holiday items in the Scrap Store and new Battlepack Revisions.

Superior Battlepacks will be awarded for completing Holiday Battlepack missions on Tuesdays, and on Wednesdays you can simply log in to receive a Standard Battlepack. Special rewards can be received on Fridays as well, but you will have to log in to see how to obtain them. There will also be 2XP boosts on Saturdays, and Squad XP boosts on Sundays.

With the Battlefield 1 Holiday weeks being full of events and giveaways, will any of you be logging in daily to claim your rewards?

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