Outcast - Second Contact Updated with Patch 1

By Ashley Woodcock, 11 months ago
Appeal Studios' open world title Outcast - Second Contact, has received its first patch which aims to fix multiple issues revolving around playback, crashes, and stability and also make a few other changes to the game too. The list comes with 11 changes that will hopefully make your experience with the title that little bit smoother going forward. See what's changed below:

Patch 1

  • Fixed multiple potential crashes and improved stability.
  • Fixed an issue when purchasing the Magwa in Shamazaar.
  • Fixed various issues that could block progression.
  • Fixed several cinematic playback issues.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some characters to get stuck on water.
  • Fixed several issues with audio playback.
  • Added audio options with separate volume controls to the options menu.
  • Added support of 7.1 audio channels.
  • Reduced character's control lags.
  • Relaxed jump constraints in various areas.
  • Re-balanced the contents of ammo boxes.
Outcast - Second Contact's first patch is already live.

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Ashley Woodcock
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