Original Cast Returns for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Bonus Episode

By Ashley Woodcock, 11 months ago
Fans of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm who are looking forward to more content for the title will be very pleased with the announcement of a couple of members of the voice acting cast who will be making a return for the upcoming "Farewell" bonus episode.

Behind the Scenes screen

Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch will be making a return in the bonus episode from the Deluxe Edition of the game and are taking on the roles of Max and Chloe. Ashly, who had been working with Deck Nine's writing team, will be taking the role back from Rhianna DeVries, who temporarily handled the voice and motion capture of 16-year-old Chloe. Jeff Litchford, Vice President at Deck Nine Games, had this to say regarding the returning cast and plans for Rhianna in the future:

The team here were thrilled to hear the news that both Hannah Telle and Ashly Burch were able to come back together again to voice Max and Chloe. We were really happy with Rhianna DeVrie’s performance as Chloe in Before the Storm and the fan reaction to her has been great, she’ll continue to work closely with us as part of a really close team we have created.
Dive behind the scenes of the upcoming episode in the following video:

The "Farewell" bonus episode for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is scheduled to release in 2018. Pick up your Deluxe Edition of the game, if you don't have a copy already, right here.

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