Past Cure Gameplay Video Reveals Essential Skills

By Andrew Ogley,
Whilst the release date for the new stealth-action title Past Cure remains a couple of months away, developer Phantom 8 is keen to show players what choices they have when carrying out missions and assignments in the new game.

Past Cure

In the extended gameplay clip, one of the development team tackles a segment from one of the missions set in a parking lot. Here, the player can choose to use stealth or all-out action to complete the level. We are shown both mechanisms at work. To aid stealth gameplay, the player can make use of the astral projection ability to scope out enemies and possible problems, such as CCTV cameras. A telekinesis-like ability can be use to short out such remote cameras. When going in all-guns-blazing, players can use a time-manipulation ability invoking a sort of bullet-time to aid accuracy. This can also help when getting up close and personal with melee attacks and hand-to-hand combat. As with most games like this, using a combination of skills, abilities and techniques will yield the greatest chance of success.

The new video is also released to coincide with the official opening of pre-orders for the game. As an added incentive, all players pre-ordering the title will receive a copy of the official soundtrack recorded by the Belgium band Seiren.

PAST CURE will be hitting the Xbox One on February 2nd, 2018.

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Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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