Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Gets New Premium Costumes

By Claudio Barata, 10 months ago
It has been a busy month for releases and loot box drama to a point that it made us forget back when DLC (cosmetic or not) was bought in packs. Well, Capcom is here to refresh our memories with 12 new purchasable costumes for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

These costumes will come two packs:

Cosmic Crusaders

This pack includes:
  • Rocket Raccoon Space Suit costume for Rocket Raccoon
  • Nova Prime for Nova
  • Special X costume for X
  • Special Zero costume for Zero
  • Hien costume for Strider
  • Classic Costume for Gamora

Stone Seekers

This pack includes:
  • Superior costume for Spider-man
  • Conquest costume for Ultron
  • Makai Messiah costume for Jedah
  • Proto Man costume for Frank West
  • Annihilation costume for Thanos
  • Metro City Mayor costume for Haggar

Each pack can be acquired for $11.99, but each costume can also be individually bought for $3.99. There is a premium costume pass available for $29.99, which includes both these costumes and the 18 previously released ones.

The premium costumes for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will release December 5th.

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Claudio Barata
Written by Claudio Barata
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