Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Details

By Dave Bricker, 10 months ago
KOEI has released character information for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9. Like in previous iterations of the series, you will play one of several generals mowing through massive amounts of soldiers. There are over 70 characters listed on the website, most of whom belong to one of four major dynasties: Wei, Wu, Shu, and Shin. A number of the characters have been updated on the website:

Pang De

A reputable warrior who had originally served Ma Teng and Ma Chao of Western Liang, he went on to become a general of Wei after an encounter with Cao Cao in Hanzhong. He generally had a calm demeanor and a steel-like tenacity in fulfilling his goals.

Han Dang

Han Dang, originally a footman from Liaoxi Province, was discovered by Sun Jian wherein he went on to serve Wu as a naval leader. He became a veteran general under Wu wherein he served the Sun family for three generations.

Guan Suo

Growing up as the son of Guan Yu, he became an honest and hard-working warrior who always greeted anyone he met with sincerity. This trait made him very popular with the common people while his earnest innocence gained him popularity among many women.

Bao Sanniang

Born as the third daughter of the Bao family, she went on to follow Guan Suo after the two met on the battlefield wherein she became interested in him. She had a fearless personality and was often seen beaming with cheer and positivity.

Zhang Chunhua

Zhang Chunhua was well-known for her intelligence, a caring mother to two talented sons, Sima Shi and Sima Zhao, and a loving wife to Sima Yi. Although her face was never without a smile, she was feared by those in her family.

We also have a short trailer showing some of the characters in action:

Dynasty Warriors 9 is scheduled to release on February 13th.

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