Weekend Announcements December 1st-3rd: ADIOS Amigos, Wizard of Legend and More

By Rebecca Smith, 10 months ago
Last weekend was fairly quiet, but we've still managed to find four titles that are coming to Xbox One and were announced fairly recently:

ADIOS Amigos

In 2016, Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space, otherwise known as ADIOS, was released for Playstation 4. The "roguelite spacesim platformer" sends players to a universe where they must explore and discover, meet new alien races and collect fashionable hats. Unfortunately, your only companion is ZING. He's a navigation computer with a faulty social circuit and the inability to remember where you are. Now, developer Cosmic Picnic has expanded the game with twice as much content as before and will be releasing it on Xbox One under its new name. The additions include splitscreen co-op, an "interplanetary space shuttle and autonomous space stations with explorable interiors". The game's Rookie mode will allow players of all abilities to play together. The title is aiming for release by the end of this year.


Who remembers the buzz wire games where the aim was to get a hook from one end of the course to the other without touching the wire and setting off the buzzer? Well, 3D Avenue's upcoming platformer reminds me of one of those. Players must send a "dark three-eyed entity" to the portal at the end of the level without touching any of the obstacles, or the sides by the look of it. The game's 80 levels are spread across eight brightly coloured worlds with their own unique twists. The title is heading to Xbox One "soon".

Valkyrius Prime

Valkyrius was a shoot 'em up released on the now defunct Xbox Live Indie Games section of the Marketplace. The title received improvements to its story, artwork and gameplay for a release on Steam and now that version will also be released on Xbox One. The game offers "relentless" action and a new teleportation mechanic that allows player ships to travel short distances out of danger, or closer to the action if you prefer. The mechanic also allows players to avoid bullet patterns that would be impossible in other titles. You'll have a range of weapons at your disposal, such as missiles, machine guns and laser swords. As well as the standard mode, there will be a Boss Rush mode and two player local co-op. The title is aiming for release on December 14th, 2017.

Wizard of Legend

Contingent99 has teamed up with Humble Bundle to bring their successfully Kickstarted title to Xbox One early next year. The procedurally generated dungeon crawler puts players in the role of a wizard who is looking to best the Chaos Trials and earn the title of Wizard of Legend. With over 100 spells to use and combat that is inspired by Devil May Cry and Street Fighter, you'll be well prepared to take on the challenge as long as you perfect the art of dashing and protecting yourself. Throughout the Trials there will be extra spell cards, known as Arcana, to find or purchase, as well as relics that will enhance spells and personal stats. Even if you die, you'll retain some of your inventory so that you'll be able to progress further on your next attempt. You can even take a friend in local co-op mode if you like.

Will you be purchasing any of these titles?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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