The Pillars of the Earth Sows the Wind in Book Two

By Rebecca Smith,
Adventure game Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth may well have offered a full 1,000G when it was released in August, but it was still only the first chapter of three, otherwise known as Book One. Developer Daedalic Entertainment has now announced the details for the second book to be released on console at the start of next year.

The Pillars of the Earth

"Book 2 - Sowing the Wind" tells the story of Jack and Aliena as they have aged and grown more mature. Work continues to improve Kingsbridge Cathedral and attract more visitors to their town's market, helping the town's prospects to improve. Unfortunately, the evil William Hamleigh has eyes for Aliena but she doesn't share his affections. Her rejection isn't taken well and William threatens the lives of her family and friends, as well as Aliena herself. When he becomes earl and teams up with bishop Waleran, he also intends to take down Kingsbridge itself.

Players will have decisions to make and a chance the influence the storyline, including deciding which characters will live and who will die. There are violent conflicts to resolve and death to contemplate. You can see all of this teased in the trailer below:

Daedalic promises that those who have purchased the first Book of the game will have access to "Book 2" and the upcoming "Book 3 - Eye on the Storm" at no further cost when they're released. You can purchase all three episodes for US$39.99/£31.99. "Book 2" will be released on Xbox One at the end of January 2018. "Book 3" is currently scheduled for May 2018.

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Rebecca Smith
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