Destiny 2 The Prestige Achievement Now Needs DLC

By Rebecca Smith,
Players who had reached the end-game in Destiny 2 had been enjoying a variety of activities, such as raids and Nightfall strikes. All of these activities were gated behind certain light levels that players had to achieve. Since the release of "The Curse of Osiris" on Tuesday, these light level limits have been raised to reflect the fact that the light level cap has increased from 300 to 330 with the DLC.


The normal level Nightfall Strike now requires 270 light (previously 240) to begin. The normal Leviathan Raid now requires 290 light (previously 280). The Prestige versions of these activities both now require the player to be at 330 light (previously 300). Anybody who has played any type of MMO before will not be in the slightest bit surprised at this, but what they might be surprised to find is that this means that one of the game's achievements released with the base game now relies upon people owning the DLC. If you do not own the DLC, you can't reach the required 330 light level for taking on the required activities for this achievement:

Destiny 2The PrestigeThe The Prestige achievement in Destiny 2 worth 306 pointsComplete a Nightfall strike on Grandmaster difficulty.

Unsurprisingly, the activities that were introduced with the expansion, such as the Heroic Strikes playlist and the Crucible playlists, are also blocked by DLC ownership even if players meet the light level requirements. This will likely be because of the new DLC maps and content that will be rotated into play. Playlists that don't involve the DLC remain open to all as normal.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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