Happy Dungeons Infinite Adventure Update Arrives

By Rebecca Smith,
ToyLogic has released their latest major update for free-to-play dungeon crawler Happy Dungeons. The Infinite Adventure update brings a variety of new features and other elements. You can find the full details below:

Infinite Dungeon New Zone

The seventh zone of the Infinite Dungeon has been released and the dark halls are full of monsters, enemies and "something darker still".

December update

New Enemies

Demons have arrived in the dungeons. These flying creatures attack from a distance with throwing spears but they don't have any melee capabilities. I would say to get up close and personal to take them down, but if you corner them then "their power and ferociousness rise to levels beyond any threat you’ve faced before".

December update

There are also new powerful enemies that prowl the dungeons. These more difficult enemies only appear before groups of players — the bigger the group, the higher the chance of this enemy appearing.

December update

New Appearance Save Feature

Players will be able to change the appearance of their Equipment Items. Merely grab some Super Paper Clay from the Item Shop (or earn it as an event reward), shape it to look like an alternative item in your inventory, and then add it to your current item in Edit Character without any effect on either item's stats.

December update

New Player Strength Function

This new function allows you to check out the strength of other players by taking into account their level, equipment, parameters and other factors. This stops players hiding their true strength behind deceptive looking costumes and weapons.

December update

New Item-Related Features

First, players can new see their Happy Stars, Items and Minions in the Inventory menu, where there will also be a list of materials only should you want it. Secondly, details of equipment can be seen in the Equip Items and Sell Items menus as well as the Item Encyclopedia. Finally, to prevent the accidental sale of items you need to keep, ToyLogic has added a Lock function that can be toggled in the Equip Items and Sell Items menus. Items that are locked can't be sold or consumed until players have unlocked them.

December update

You can see some of these features in action in the trailer below:

The Infinite Adventure update is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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