Epic Loon Gives Us Some Skin In New Videos

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
As you venture through the well-known films as a set of aliens in Macrales Studios' Epic Loon, your aliens will need to dress accordingly for the different movies. In the four new videos released for the game, alien characters CAP, TRI, GRO and BOU don the different skins that tie in very well with the different films.


First up, we have CAP. Take a look at the list to see which film is referenced as well as who or what CAP is supposed to be:

  • /\LIE|| : Alien
  • Jurassik Land : Dennis
  • Nosferacula : Count Dracula
  • Grojira : Diver
  • Pryapisme : weird cat

The second video showcases TRI looking the part for the camera too:

  • /\LIE|| : Cosmonaut
  • Jurassik Land : Dino Pooh
  • Nosferacula : Nosferatu
  • Grojira : Godzilla
  • Pryapisme : weird cat

Next up is GRO, who scores major points for the Space Jockey skin:

  • /\LIE|| : Space Jockey
  • Jurassik Land : T-Rex
  • Nosferacula : Stoker's armor
  • Grojira : Oppan Gundam style
  • Pryapisme : weird cat

Last but not least is BOU, who can work wonders with the hair in some of the skins:

  • /\LIE|| : Ripley
  • Jurassik Land : Grant
  • Nosferacula : Werewolf
  • Grojira : One-eyed professor
  • Pryapisme : weird cat

Dress to impress when Epic Loon releases in early 2018.

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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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