Crossout's Update Brings Improved AI and New Content

By Kevin Tavore,
Gaijin Entertainment fancies their title Crossout as a post-apocalyptic MMO featuring battling vehicles. That seems to check out. Releasing back in May as a free to play title, Crossout has seen continuous support and this month we've seen more content added just in time for the holidays. There are new PVE raids, a new PVP mode, and some improved AI to make everything better in store for players.

The new AI has been designed to offer a better challenge and, perhaps more importantly, change their tactics based on their faction:

All computer-controlled (AI) enemies featured in Crossout’s PvE modes have seen a significant rework to more closely represent the different factions present in game. Having learnt additional tricks, the AI is now far more dangerous in battle. Enemies from the “Lunatics” faction, for example, will show up in large numbers and pry on the player with the least amount of hitpoints in close combat. “Nomad” enemies will employ modern technologies like drones and stealth generators and generally favor combat from a distance. The factions opposing the player in PvE change regularly, making it necessary to also change tactics as well. For now, AI enemies of the Lunatics, Nomads and Scavengers are available. With future updates, reworked enemies of the other factions will be added as well.
For PVE, we've got a double dose of gifts this holiday season. There's a new game mode called Frontier Defense and a new map called Refinery into which to roll and cause carnage:

In the new PvE mission “Frontier Defense” players need to re-capture an oil rig that was previously lost to a group of raiders. After having been pushed out of the area by the enemy, players now have to mount a counterattack to reach the rig and defeat all enemies protecting it. As soon as the area is secured, players are able to repair disabled raider defense turrets and continue to protect the rig against multiple waves of enemies.

A former Scavenger settlement, “Refinery” is a new PvE map located on the site of a destroyed chemical plant, where a valuable artifact of the old world has caught the eye of treasure hunters. Players can choose to take the short route directly through the flooded passages or take the easier but longer detour around the compound to get in through the rear entrance. Once inside the settlement, players can choose to further pass the flooded passageways, or use the refinery’s extensive but narrow pipe network to navigate the area. Entrances are mined and heavily defended by raiders, which means getting the artifact won’t be an easy task - but surely worth it.
Finally, fans of the game's PVP have not been left out in the cold (or the heat, depending on your hemisphere). All players will now have access to a new mode called Bedlam:

The new PvP mode is called “Bedlam” and is open to all Crossout players, regardless of their level. Respawns in this mode are unlimited, allowing players to put their constructions to the test against other players and quickly find out which parts of their design work and which don’t. Once the ride is perfected, the unforgiving battles of “Bedlam” are a great way to improve tactics and teamwork.
The update for Crossout should be available now. If you're interested in checking it out, it's available now for Xbox One.

We've got the full list of Crossout achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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