Oh My Godheads Review

By Megan Walton,
At EGX 2016 last year, Oh My Godheads was a big focal point. Over a year later, the game has finally released on Xbox One and lets us see if the bright and exciting multiplayer game of which we got a sneak peek back then is what we have in front of us now.

GodheadFind three friends to increase the fun and the chaos

Multiplayer games are hit or miss depending on the measure of the content, whether they have local or online multiplayer, and how much they cater to single player gamers, as well. Oh My Godheads has no story to speak of whatsoever, and throws you straight into the game without so much of a hello. This would be all well and good if there was some kind of tutorial or explanaton of the controls as you go along, but there isn't. This puts you on the wrong foot straight away, as you mess about with the buttons trying to figure out what does what. Ultimately, there are only a few controls you need, but a little hand holding at the start wouldn't have gone amiss.

From the main menu, you have the choice of four multiplayer modes and a trial mode, which is the single player offering. Single players have still been considered in this multiplayer game, and even the multiplayer modes have the option to pick CPU players. The single player trials are short tasks in the form of killing a certain number of enemies in a time limit, staying alive for as long as possible, killing enemies in particular ways, and other tasks of a similar vein. There are 20 in total and the better you do, the better the medal you earn. None of these challenges are too taxing, so collecting gold on all of them shouldn't take you too long.

The four multiplayer modes are split into two sets of two, and can be played locally with up to four players (or up to three CPU to replace them). It's a shame there's no online multiplayer here as it's the perfect kind of chaotic fun that doesn't require much communication in order to win. The less complicated modes are Headhunter and Last Man Standing, which see you simply go head to head with your fellow people in order to try and win points by killing them. In all the modes, you can tweak the time length, points needed to win and also the pickups that will show up. Again, no explanation as to what the pickups do means you'll have trial and error before you figure out which might help and which might be a hindrance. These modes are easy to jump into and require little thought other than to simply run up to the other guy and hit them so they die.

GodheadThe choice in locations is definitely a highlight

The other two modes are Capture the Head and King of the Head, which are amusing variations of Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. These modes are an unusual twist on the original modes with the addition of Godheads, which are the heads of gods. These are onto what you'll be capturing or holding to earn points, but depending on what Godhead you have active, the game can play out quite differently. There's ten to pick from, which is a decent selection, and they range from a Gaia earth based head to a Zeus head that shoots out lightning. Some of the heads give you the advantage by attacking the enemy, but others limit you by swapping your controls or freezing you if you hold on for too long. Your job is learning when to hold the head, when to throw it and how quick you need to move about with it. You get a brief explanation about what each head does, but the fun comes in trying it out for yourself.

This is the extent of the modes you have to play and it does feel quite limited. Where the game does shine is with the look and feel as you are playing it. There's a nice variety of pretty locations in which you'll do your fighting, including Egypt, Greece, Scotland, Italy, and many others across the world. On top of this, the game has an appealing childish look that spoils you with bright colours and a roster of cute characters. The simplicity of the game makes it easy to jump into and the chaos keeps you playing.

There are 15 achievements to earn, none of which require too much hard work in order to achieve. Completing all of the trials won't take very long, but getting the gold medals and finishing 100 in total might take more time than anticipated, depending on your skill level. A lot of the achievements can be boosted on your own with two controllers if you want to rush through the game, so you can earn 500 points, die from 500 pie explosions and kill 100 people with jump attacks. This is quite an easy completion if not a little bit of a grind, but it's quite an enjoyable one for the most part.


Oh My Godheads is a fun game if you are looking at it from the multiplayer side of things, but it manages to have something for the single player gamer too. Although the choice of modes is limited, there's plenty of fun to be had, especially with the different Godheads thrown into the mix. A little more introduction to the game and its controls would have been helpful at the start, and online multiplayer is always a sad thing to miss out, but ultimately there's easy gamerscore and some frantic fun to be had here.
7 / 10
Oh My Godheads
  • Fast paced multiplayer chaos
  • Fun and varied setting for the modes
  • Game has a fun, bright and colourful look and feel
  • Trials offer fun for single player gamers
  • Limited modes
  • No tutorial or introduction to controls
  • No online multiplayer
The reviewer spent approximately 5 hours running around, carrying Godheads, completing trials, and killing people, unlocking all of the game's 12 achievements along the way. An Xbox One download code was provided for the purpose of this review.
Megan Walton
Written by Megan Walton
Megan is a TA newshound and reviewer who has been writing for the site since early 2014. Currently working in catering, she enjoys cooking extravagant dishes, baking birthday cakes for friends and family in peculiar shapes, writing depressing poetry about life and death, and unlocking every achievement possible.