Mega Man Enters Monster Hunter: World

By Will Cruz, 1 year ago
Most JRPG fans are aware of Monster Hunter: World as it was announced in mid-2017. As new screenshots, trailers, and even an official release date was announced, the hype behind the title only began to grow. Capcom recently showcased new trailers with an interesting twist. In case you missed out, Mega Man is coming to Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter: World

Let’s backtrack a bit, shall we? Capcom recently released a new trailer focusing on the third fleet. The trailer showcased multiple locations, enemies and a combination of cutscenes and in-game footage. The footage paints an extremely epic tale with some impressive graphics that are sure to please fans. Suprisingly, at the 2:42 mark we see Mega Man rapidly rush on and off the screen. Fans will be able to battle alongside the blue fighter (as a companion) and even battle to some of his classic tunes. Check out the trailer showcasing both the third fleet and Mega Man below.

Additionally, a 15-minute interview occurred during PlayStation Experience 2017. The interview not only explains how the Capcom crossover came to be but also reveals new gameplay. If you have the time, check out the gameplay interview below.

Monster Hunter: World comes to consoles on January 26th, 2018.

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