Destiny 2 Update Fixes Achievement Issue, Faction Rally Delayed

By Lucy Wood,
Two Destiny 2 base game achievements that became locked behind DLC ownership when the "Curse of Osiris" expansion launched will be available to all players again.


The full update notes are in spoiler tags below, after a summary of how this fix affects ability to unlock the two affected achievements.

Destiny 2The PrestigeThe The Prestige achievement in Destiny 2 worth 306 pointsComplete a Nightfall strike on Grandmaster difficulty.

The Prestige Leviathan raid will drop back to the base game light level of 300, but the Prestige Nightfall will stay at the new level of 330 and thus require DLC ownership for access. This means all players will be able to get the achievement, but it will be adjusted to refer only to the raid.

Destiny 2Lest Ye Be JudgedThe Lest Ye Be Judged achievement in Destiny 2 worth 121 pointsEncounter an Agent of the Nine somewhere in the system.

Trials of the Nine will be accessible to all players except for weeks when a DLC map is featured. Everyone will have the opportunity to get the achievement, but players with only the base game will sometimes be unable to access the activity.

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Scheduled maintenance for Destiny 2 is currently under way and these changes should be live when the game comes back online. The Faction Rally that was due to begin today has been postponed.

We've got the full list of Destiny 2 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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