Viral Month Update

By Clever Jake, 5 years ago
For the latest information about viral month I'll pass you over to our Community Event Organiser

Chad and Jessie said:
Three weeks. Viral Month has official been spreading for three weeks. If you don’t know what viral month is read here or here. It has been great fun to see the numerous TA’ers that have taken a Viral Bean Dive (I hope he keeps the chlorine levels in that pool accurate) by starting games on their to-do list, obtaining the viral first. If you wondering what viral you might have lying around on your shelves, here is another handy link that lists all the viral achievements applicable for this event.

For this final week of Viral Month, I will be creating as many sessions as possible for all you late comers and slackers. Especially for this weekend, I’m hoping the will EXPLODE with purple Community Gaming Sessions. View and sign up for sessions there, or if you are looking for a specific viral add that viral to your boost list and the site will notify you as soon as I have created one. Make sure you customize how you’d like to be notified under “Gaming Sessions” on this page

If you haven’t volunteered to spread your germs and wanted to get in on that action will give you directions on what information I need emailed to me ( Please know that I am creating sessions at least 36 hours in advance and need time to process emails and create sessions. The more notice I have (at least 48, preferable 72 hours), the more likely your sessions will be created and filled by those in need of your germs. You can find the virals you have and need on My Achievement page if you filter by type and "Viral".

Again, the counter is ONLY counting viral achievements spread in Community Gaming Sessions

In the first seven days:
Over 950 spread, totaling more then 30,000 TA score in over 300 sessions

We hit 1000 virals spread with a TA score of 36,333 on February 08 at about 02:30 GMT

After fourteen days:
Over 1800 virals spread, totaling more then 60,000 TA score in over 600 sessions

We passed 2000 virals with a TA score of over 70,000 On February 15 at around 0:00 GMT

And just yesterday, February 22 at 22:45:00 GMT we passed 2,788 virals with over a total of 100,000 TA score!

Over 400 of the virals that have been spread are worth ZERO gamer score, which of course results in a ZERO TA score.

I spend a little time comparing ratio and TA score for a few achievements and thought I’d share some of these surprising results. Even though this viral has been spread about 200 times the change in the TA score is ZERO, ZIPPO, NADA, NIL. The ratio has dropped from a 2.22 to a 2.21, but the TA score for this is still 11.

By far the largest ratio and TA score change comes from this achievement with already 20 Community Gaming Sessions and 117 TA’ers obtaining this viral, the ratio has dropped from 5.17 to 4.72 and the TA score has dropped from 129 to 118. I’m very curious to see what it’ll look like at the end of the month, after the next 12 Community Gaming Sessions for this viral.

Very surprising is the fact that that some of the ratio have actually INCREASED. for example has been spread over 50 times in just Community Gaming sessions, yet the ratio on this achievement has increased from a 1.53 to a 1.54. This just means that more people have started the game and not obtained the viral, then those that have actually obtained the viral. This is inexcusable and I’m expecting everyone to put your rally caps on, get into sessions, and obtain germs to LOWER THESE RATIOS. smile

I can't wait to see what happens over the next week. HUGE thanks, as always, to everyone who has volunteered to infect others. It has been extremely heartwarming to see. Whether you have been able to give 30 minutes or 10 hours of time to selflessly help others, you all have ALL done an AMAZING JOB. Now, let’s get back out there and finish this off with a bang.