Earn Gems of War's Game Breaker Achievement Guaranteed for a Limited Time

By Kelly Packard,
Gems of War is a free-to-play puzzle game that is always receiving new achievements. Many of the title update achievements are tricky, time-consuming or luck-based to earn. For a limited time, the luck can be taken out of earning the Mongo troop for the "Title Update 2" achievement set.

Gems of War

Through Gems of War's 12 Days of Christmas event, free gifts are being delivered every day to players' in-game mailboxes. One of the daily gifts was a free Mongo troop, which is the troop needed to unlock the Game Breaker achievement. While the card was offered for free on its release, that limited-time opportunity ended long ago, and players now have to take their chances getting it in a chest.

Gems of WarGame BreakerThe Game Breaker achievement in Gems of War worth 11 pointsUnlock the troop "Mongo"

But if you're familiar with Gems of War's mail system, then you know you need to act quickly. Unopened mail expires after a period of time. According to commenters on Game Breaker's achievement solution, the Mongo mail sent out is expiring on December 21st, so you need to be fast to snag this one.

Update: The comments also indicate you may need to log in and log out to start receiving in-game mail and get the item.

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Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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