Pit Stop Dev Diary For NASCAR The Game 2011

By Keith Gray, 8 years ago
Let's face it... we've seen quite a bit of NASCAR The Game 2011 recently. Here's hoping you've not had your fill yet, as Activision and Eutechnyx have seen fit to treat us to more racing action from their forthcoming title.

The latest action comes in the form of another developer diary. This time, the development team wishes to showcase how pit stops are recreated within the game. As well as gameplay clips of pit stop manoeuvres, the video delves behind the scenes to show the process which is necessary to make the simulation of a pit stop as accurate as possible.

Just in case you missed them - we've previously reported about the "Car Setups" and "Full Seasons" developer diaries.

Due to a development delay, NASCAR The Game 2011 is set to hit retail shelves on March 29th, 2011.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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